I took a course in Russian Morphosyntax, a graduate course taught by Prof. Hakyung Jung. I started writing a paper about the Russian case assignment system under her supervision. I was invited to give an oral presentation on this research at the Formal Description of Slavic Languages, in December 2018, in Göttingen, Germany.


Datives in Dependent Case Theory: Lexical, Dependent, or Unmarked?

Minkyu Kim (Seoul National University)

This paper examines the categorial nature of the dative in the context of Dependent Case Theory (DCT) with special attention to Russian dative infinitival structures. Since the seminal work by Marantz (1991), DCT has been described based on the idea that morphological case is assigned to noun phrases on a configurational basis (Bittner & Hale 1996, Bobaljik 2008, Baker 2015) in contrast with the syntactic approach presupposing that case is assigned by functional heads (Chomsky 2000, 2001). Nevertheless, details including how oblique cases are assigned remain to be discussed. This paper argues that oblique cases cannot be oversimplified into lexical cases as a whole, especially focusing on datives, the categorial nature of which has been the most problematic.

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