Inspired by a shitpost suggesting a new vowel diagram with the circular shape where all the vowels are revolving around schwa, I made my own vowel diagram, too. It’s based on yin and yang, with all the unrounded vowels in the yang side and all the round vowels in the yin side.


母音陰陽圖 (Vowel Yin Yang Diagram)

Where is schwa? Schwa is the diagram itself. Seen from a distance, the overall shape resembles the glyph of schwa. Schwa is the universe, the summation of the yin and yang. Schwa is everything. Schwa is the answer. Praise the schwa. Schwamen.


— This was originally posted on the Facebook Linguistics [‘ʃɪt̚.,pʰʌ̈̈ʊ̈̈.stɪ̃̃ŋ] group. (link)