Academic plan, 2017 Fall


The fall semester of 2017 has begun. First week of this semester has just passed and it was enjoyable. I am taking total 6 courses this semester.

  • Calculus 2: I should’ve done this in Freshman year…
  • Organic/Inorganic Chemistry Lab: I will learn some basic organic and inorganic chemistry lab skills from Prof. Soon Hyeok Hong and Dong Whan Lee.
  • Phonology: First time I am taking a class from Jongho Jeon, very excited. The text (Hayes) might be easy for me but it will be a great chance for me to have clear and rigorous understandings in phonology.
  • Field Linguistics: This course will cover language documentation and endangerment of languages. We will also go for a field trip too, yay!
  • Russian Morphosyntax: I had not so much interest in Slavic languages, but since Hakyeong Jeong has came to our Russian department, I’ve been reading her works and quite enjoyed them. Hope I could learn intensive morphology and syntax of Russian and related Slavic languages.
  • Structure and Function of Human Brain: Chun Kee Chung‘s class


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